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Charging Point for Electric Cars

Charging Point for Electric Cars

  • Author: Kristina
  • Date Posted: Sep 1, 2015
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  • Address: Main parking lot, Poreč

Charging point for electric vehicles is located on the main parking lot, next to the city marketplace. Using the parking lot and the station is freely available for the owners of the electric cars. The station is marked green. A RFID card is needed for use which can be requested from the staff.

The charging point uses standardized sockets IEC 62196 type 2, mod. 3, and allows simultaneous charging of two vehicles with 22 kW peak power for each vehicle.

There is a seven pin socket by the manufacturer Mennekes, supporting the international standard IEC 62196. The socket also allows you to lock the plug in the socket while charging. The support for IEC 61851 is also built-in, defining the security mechanisms and the way data exchanges between vehicles and the charging point.

Overcurrent protection is included separately for each outlet and for the entire station, enabling maximum user safety for the station and other citizens.

Poreč has been listed on the European map of the cities with charging points here.