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a classical antiquity complex

  • Author: Kristina
  • Date Posted: Apr 10, 2015
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  • Address: Červar Porat

Lorun or Loron is a peninsula situated opposite Červar Porat. An international team of archaeologists examined a wide area during short one-month summer periods for the last ten years, unearthing a Classical Antiquity complex comprising a residential villa, a workshop for ceramics and a quay in the bay facing Červar.

The second-largest Mediterranean vivarium, an antique fish-breeding site, was discovered nearby in the sea. Potters manufactured amphoras to transport oil, wine and most probably the spice garum, that was made of fish. Many discovered amphora fragments bear the seal of either the Roman emperors or private individuals, most of which belong to Calvia Crispinilia, one of Nero’s paramours, and a long-time property owner.

The local community supports this research, and another archaeological park will be created on this side of Červar Bay. Some informative signs have been set up for inquisitive persons at the uncovered parts of the complex that are not easy to access.