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Marafor Square

Marafor Square

with the Roman Temples

Marafor Square, the Poreč oldest and the biggest square is located at the very end of the peninsula. Probably its name comes from the words “Mars” and “forum” which means “Mars’ Square”.

From all of the coast, right here in Poreč, there was the largest Roman shrine, the Jupiter’s Temple, with still visible parts of stone columns and blocks. Apart from the Jupiter’s Temple there was also the Neptune’s Temple.

The square itself was probably much larger than the current Marafor. Even today the remains of the ancient pavement from the 1st century can be seen, and a number of houses that were subsequently built here have no basis, but are directly situated on the sidewalk.

The splendor of the ancient Poreč (Parentium) can be thanked to the Roman rear admiral Titus Abudius Verus. It is not clear whether he was originally from Poreč or just fell in love with the city, but Poreč can thank the reconstruction of a number of attractions, as well as new constructions, directly to him. At the end of his life the admiral even moved to live in Poreč.

Among other things in Poreč, he built the harbor with a pier, probably on the northern side of the peninsula where submerged boulders are hidden today.

Quando l’estate brucerà (when summer burns)
Lei da lontano tornerà (she will come back from afar)
E ti darà il suo cuor (and she will give you her heart)
In Marafor, in Marafor (in Marafor, in Marafor)

– Mirko Cetinski, “Marafor” [YouTube]