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  • Author: Kristina
  • Date Posted: Apr 7, 2015
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Did you know Poreč has its own Stonehenge? If go a little east of the city center, you will find yourself in one of the greatest Istrian mysteries – ancient archeological complex called Picugi-Mordele on three orderly “stacked” hills, just behind Zelena Laguna.

A cluster of huge, vertical stone blocks set around in a circle looks very much like the famous British ruin, also with the purpose of being sky observatory for the ancient inhabitants of Istria. A spectacular altar is found in the center of the stone circle. It is concluded that the ruins are at least 4.000 years old, which is even more than the Stonehenge’s “more than 3.500 years old”.

Archeological excavation started in the Austro-Hungarian era, when a thousand graves of Histrians, Greeks, Celts and Etruscans were found there. Mordele are defined as a Bronge Age site inhabited by a still unknown culture while Picugi are the Iron Age site where Histrians lived.