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St. Becich

St. Becich

noble family's property

  • Author: Kristina
  • Date Posted: Jan 31, 2016
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  • Address: Mugeba-Fuškulin

St. Becich is the former property of Poreč noble Becich family, also known by the name of St. Servul. It is located near the Šanšar hill on which there are remains of the early medieval church of St. Servul.

The largest building on the estate was reserved for the property manager and always ready for the owner’s visit. Other houses were inhabited with land farmers. Such organization of the estate remained until the end of World War II. The family coat of arms can still be seen on the property manager’s house.


Situated far from the main roads, this place would be almost forgotten if there was not for a few permanent residents. But once a year the place is occupied by bicyclists. Local cycling club organizes a winter bike race each year, with the bike path going around the Šanšar hill and in the surrounding woods. Anyone interested in mountain biking can test their skills any time here.


  • Bojan Horvat, historian