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St. Jacob’s Church

St. Jacob’s Church

from the 12th century

  • Author: Kristina
  • Date Posted: Apr 11, 2015
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  • Address: Bačva

The village of Bačva lies three kilometres south of Višnjan, which is ten kilometres from Poreč in the northeast direction. The St. Jacob’s Church is situated at the entrance of the village.

This modestly built church has special picturesque charm thanks to its Gothic bell gable with the opening for two bells on the front façade. The church was built in the Romanesque period, most probably in the 12th century.


Dominick from Udine, who lived in Vodnjan in the 16th century, painted not only the frescoes in St. Jacob’s church in Bačva, but also those in nearby Višnjan as well as in other localities in Istria. The cycle from the life of Christ is shown on the lateral walls and the scenes of the Annunciation completely cover the triumphal arch, whereas the image of Holy Father was painted on the very top of the apse. The iconographic scene of the symbolic image of Holy Sunday, painted on the upper row of the west wall, immediately next to one angel from the Annunciation, is most outstanding.

Folk theology during the Later Middle Ages invented the story about Holy Sunday in order to make the peasants’ life easier and influence them to rest on Sunday. The female image of Holy Sunday speaks about the obligation of not working on Sunday, which is presented by the tools painted at the foot of the depiction which are not allowed to be used on Sunday. The scenes were painted following the High Italian Renaissance style.


The key is kept at the house closest to the church, the parish office of Višnjan,
tel. +385 52 449 291.