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Višnjan Observatory

Višnjan Observatory

1750 asteroids discovered

  • Author: Kristina
  • Date Posted: Aug 7, 2016
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  • Address: Istarska 5, Višnjan

Astronomical Society in Višnjan was established in the seventies, as a result of the activities and interests of the works of primary school teachers in Višnjan. The first telescope, made entirely in Višnjan, began to be used in 1977, and the dome was completed three years later.

Višnjan Observatory functioned even during the war, and in 2002 it’s included in the network of 19 centers in the world designed for education. At the end of the 20th century, Višnjan gets a new telescope, and the results of the work are becoming miraculous because the Višnjan only in one year discovered more asteroids than some observatories in their entire history.

Due to problems with light pollution quality of work becomes compromised, so the new observatory between Višnjan and Karojba is built on the hill of Tičan. By mid-2003 the observatory reached a total of 1748 discoveries and was ranked one of the ten best observatories in the world. Among other things, four asteroids were named Višnjan, Poreč, Otonkučera and Učka. There are a thousand more unnamed asteroids discovered in Višnjan.

Even today the tradition of educating young fans of astronomy is continued, and every year schools for children are held. An absolute must-know name of our astronomy is Korado Korlević, the famous astronomer.

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