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Poreč Open Air – Festival of Life 2016

Poreč Open Air – Festival of Life 2016

By on Jun 8, 2016 in News | 0 comments

This summer, the Poreč Open Air Festival will transform the city into a huge open-air stage! From June 9th to September 10th, great music and urban rhythms will echo through the streets and squares of the old historic centre and provide a soundtrack for jaw-dropping juggling and acrobatic arts. Street performances, music nights, movie screenings and theatrical plays (Istra Inspirit), as well as special events and concerts, will create an unforgettable summer experience and many memorable moments for visitors.

The Poreč Open Air festival’s motto is to celebrate life and the little moments that come with it – and what better time than the summer to do exactly that?

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Every Day

Open Air Cinema

  • Visitors that just want to unwind by watching a movie and eating popcorn will certainly want to join us at the Open Air Cinema. Cinephiles will get to enjoy a new movie every day, with genres ranging from family and action movies to dramas, cartoons and comedies. While waiting for the movie to start, visitors can help themselves to popcorn and a wide range of drinks. The majority of movies will be screened at the Villa Polesini, providing a “cinematic” backdrop of sunset by the sea while they watch the movie. A few screenings will be held at city hotspots. | Full Article
  • Free admission.
  • Location: Villa Polesini (garden)


Circus in the City

  • Strolling through the streets on a Monday can be a lot more fun and interactive if you encounter fire-eaters, stilt walkers, acrobats, jugglers… Between 8 and 10 performers will provide such great entertainment that you will want to see them every night. The entertainers will give one final performance free of charge to cap off the night. The final performance at the Villa Polesini will be filled with fun and spellbinding circus acts that are bound to impress everyone regardless of age.
  • Free admission.
  • Locations: Riva (summer stage) + City (various locations)


Get Your Rhythm & Blues

  • Make your summer nights a delight with live R&B music. Bands will spice up every Tuesday night with their magical tunes and vast repertoire in at least three different venues.
  • Free admission.
  • Locations: Riva (Summer Stage) + Comitium + Epoca + General Lounge + Papillon + Saint & Sinner + Sinnema + Terra Magica + Valamar Isabela Miramare on St. Nikola Island


Just Jazz

  • By fusing the Just Jazz and Jazz in Lap events, aficionados can listen to jazz players in at least four different venues. A whole lot of jazz all over the city will definitely turn a few heads.
  • Free admission.
  • Locations: Promenade (Summer Stage) + Palazzo Club + Epoca + Spinnaker + Terra Magica + Valamar Isabella Miramare


Princess Ball

  • Make your Thursdays unforgettable by entering a fairy tale world your whole family will enjoy. Famous cartoon characters will greet children and invite them to the stunning Valamar Isabella Castle, where they can spend some time and dance with their favourite prince or princess. Immersed in fairy tales, children can take a picture with their favourite characters. In order to make things even more fun, we will also set up a sweet corner with ice cream, lollipops, candy etc. The princess ball will be an event that neither children nor grown-ups will ever forget. The evening will be capped off with a “real“ prince and princess ball where everyone can dance.
  • Free admission.
  • Locations: Valamar Isabella Castle on St. Nikola Island + City (various locations)


Electric Nights

  • An event tailor-made for young people and those young at heart. Dance to electronic beats every Friday in at least three different venues. The DJs will do their best to make your night unforgettable and their playlist is extensive enough to cater to all tastes.
  • Free admission.
  • Locations: Epoca + General Lounge + Papillon + Parentino + Saint & Sinner + Sinnema + Spinnaker + Terra Magica

Laser Nights

  • The light effects will accentuate the beauty of the ancient city walls and leave visitors awestruck. Lungomare will leave everyone breathless and will turn an ordinary evening stroll into an otherworldly experience. Don’t be surprised if a glowing robot accompanied by female dancers greets you in downtown Poreč and invites you to join him for the last laser show by the promenade. The laser show will be performed on the surface of the sea itself, which will definitely arouse interest and curiosity, since it will seem as though the laser beams are manually controlled. Before the show, all visitors can have fun in the laser maze and maybe even win a prize.
  • Free admission.
  • Locations: Lungomare + Promenade + City (various locations)



  • Don’t make any plans for Saturday other than listening to some great unplugged jamming in at least three different venues. If you’re in the mood for some good urban music, just choose one of many different locations and enjoy the company and your favourite drink.
  • Free admission.
  • Locations: Promenade (Summer Stage) + Comitium + Epoca + Saint & Sinner + Sinnema + Spinnaker + Terra Magica + Valamar Isabella Miramare on St. Nikola Island


Istra Inspirit

  • The Sunday programme at the Valamar Isabella Island Resort on Sveti Nikola Island aims to introduce entire families to the legends of Istria, Poreč and the island of Sveti Nikola, the cuisine of the area, the world of dragons, Veli Jože, monks in monasteries… Visitors can expect a true edutainment (education + entertainment) experience with an open-air theatre accompanied by audio-visual aids, dancing, acting, lighthouse projections… | Full Article
  • Free admission.
  • Location: Valamar Isabella Island Resort on St. Nikola Island

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